My Twitter Week - 39 2014

Particleground - A jQuery plugin for snazzy background particle systems -

Bootstrap Confirmation - jQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap. Use Bootstrap Popovers as confirmation dialogs. Simple and easy -

Thelia, a Symfony-based e-commerce solution -

A guide to the HTML5 #time element -

CSS Audit - taking stock of your css code -

Off-Canvas Menu Effects - showing off menus stylishly -

Birthday Google Doodle, thanks Google.

Birthday Google Doodle, thanks Google.


Very cool!


Wonderful, looking forward to this expanding in the future.


Very promising

Smart Fixed Navigation

Very useful

Select or Die

Really like this one!

Technical debt 101

An interesting read about technical debt, legacy code, big rewrites and ancient wisdom for non technical managers.

Fenix Web Server

Brilliant! How did I not know about this application before?

How to fix “Insufficient Storage Available” error on Android

I was recently having issues with updating both Facebook and Twitter apps on my Oppo Find 5 running AOKP 4.4.2, Android was complaining about insufficient storage, yes the “insufficient storage available” error. So, I installed LogCat and tried installing Twitter (in this instance) again and then trawled through the log for something suspisious. I came across the following:

04-15 13:27:00.660 W/NativeHelper(731): Could not delete native binary: /data/app-lib/
04-15 13:27:00.660 E/PackageManager(731): Cannot rename native library directory /data/app-lib/vmdl354040019 to /data/app-lib/

Ah-ha, so it’s not an error due to insufficient storage, it’s actually a problem with deleting some native binary and not being able to rename a library directory. So, here’s how I fixed the problem (note - your Android phone will have to be rooted in order to follow these steps):

  1. Ran Sliding Explorer with SU (SuperUser) permissions
  2. Navigated to the FileSystem (right swipe menu)
  3. Navigated up to the root folder (up arrow)
  4. Went into ‘data/app-lib’ folder.
  5. Scrolled down to the ‘’ directory
  6. Went into the directory and deleted the ‘’ file
  7. Went back, then deleted the ‘’ directory
  8. Exitted theSliding Explorer application

After that I was able to install the Android Twitter app again without getting the dreaded insufficient storage error message being displayed to me. I also repeated the same process for Android Facebook app and was able to successfully install it again.

UPDATE (25-Apr-2014) - there is an app on the Google Play store that will do this for you, it’s call InsuFixer. Again, your phone will need to be rooted in order to use this app.


Now that I’ve found this expect a custom theme for this website in the near future. Lovely stuff.