Insufficient Storage error on Android

I was recently having issues with updating both Facebook and Twitter apps on my Oppo Find 5 running AOKP 4.4.2, Android was complaining about insufficient storage. So, I installed LogCat and tried installing Twitter (in this instance) again and then trawled through the log for something suspisious. I came across the following:

04-15 13:27:00.660 W/NativeHelper(731): Could not delete native binary: /data/app-lib/
04-15 13:27:00.660 E/PackageManager(731): Cannot rename native library directory /data/app-lib/vmdl354040019 to /data/app-lib/

Ah-ha, so it’s not an error due to insufficient storage, it’s actually a problem with deleting some native binary and not being able to rename a library directory. So, here’s how I fixed the problem:

  1. Ran Sliding Explorer with SU (SuperUser) permissions
  2. Navigated to the FileSystem (right swipe menu)
  3. Navigated up to the root folder (up arrow)
  4. Went into ‘data/app-lib’ folder.
  5. Scrolled down to the ‘’ directory
  6. Went into the directory and deleted the ‘’ file
  7. Went back, then deleted the ‘’ directory
  8. Exitted theSliding Explorer application

After that I was able to install Twitter app again without getting the dreaded insufficient storage error message being displayed to me. I also repeated the same process for Facebook and was able to successfully install the app again.


Now that I’ve found this expect a custom theme for this website in the near future. Lovely stuff.


Looks good, will investigate this further

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